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Leather Synn (Pt) "Warlord" [english promo]

Leather Synn (Pt) “Warlord” [english promo]

Leather Synn (Pt) “Warlord” [english promo]

Band: Leather Synn
Album (EP): Warlord
Country: Portugal
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Non Nobis Productions
Release date (CD): June 12th, 2020 (Digital release: June 3rd, 2020)


00:00 Warlord

06:42 Still In My Heart

11:33 Synn Is Ynn

16:28 Committed To Metal

While “cooking” this third re-incarnation of Leather Synn, Carlos Faria and Eduardo Cano decided the time was right for a change in terms of sound and image of the band.

They wanted to follow a more down-to-earth, mature sound. After all, most of the band personnel had changed, and even the long-time members changed themselves personally and musically speaking.

If you can label Leather Synn MKI and MKII as a straight Traditional Heavy Metal act, the new Leather Synn is not quite pure Heavy Metal, not quite Hair Metal and not quite Hard Rock either, but something in between, with a lot of influences from these three genders.

This CD is the close of the Leather Synn MKII chapter. By releasing this CD, They simply hope to put behind all those years of struggle and frustration of constant line-up changes and personal affairs that ended up affecting the band. “Warlord” is a song from that album that we never did.

We think it is too good to be left behind. “Still in My Heart” not yet there, but it’s a beginning of a new path, See this as a blue print of our new direction. The other tracks, are two Leather Synn classic tunes, we felt we could give them a “new roupage” so here they are! And that’s it! keep an eye no us, and stay curious as to what we have to offer in the future.

You won’t be disappointed!


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